About Jennyblogs


The goal of Jennyblogs is to provide quality recipes adapted for those living in the States and Italy/Europe by providing both US measurements (cups and tsp) and Metric measurements (grams and ml), and using ingredients that can be sourced in either location. Most recipes are also compatible with tiny kitchens and limited equipment.

In the “All things Italy” section you will find useful information and anecdotes on exploring, traveling, navigating, eating, and living in Italy gathered from personal experience and that of fellow expat friends and locals.

About Jenny’s Recipes

When it comes to food I believe all things can and should be enjoyed in moderation. That’s why you’ll find a variety of recipes, from vegan to gluten-free, dinner to dessert, refined-sugar free to sugar-full. They’re all of my favorite recipes, whether created by moi, handed down from my mom, or adapted from fellow food blogging friends around the web. Some things you will rarely if ever find here:

  • Artificial colorings

  • Recipes that contain too many processed foods as ingredients and/or are only partway homemade, i.e. an apple pie recipe that calls for a store-bought crust and a can of apple pie filling served with Cool Whip. If it can be homemade within reason without wasting too much extra time and money, it will be homemade, although I try to give my readers options! The exceptions would be certain treats like Oreo, Reeses, etc. that will just never taste the same homemade.

  • Overly sweet desserts. While I love a cookie dough brownie S’mores overload milkshake as much as the next person (is that not a thing??), there is just SO. much. sugar. So, I try to reduce the sugar a bit in the recipes without compromising flavor or texture. You’d be surprised how many recipes have an extra 1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar or more in them that you’d never miss! Even some of the classics, if you were to compare them side by side to the original you will notice that I cut back the sugar a bit. Not all, but many. Your dentist will thank me! :)

  • Pork. While most other meats have some or many redeeming nutrition values, pork, in my opinion based on reading/studies, has more negative than positive. As I said earlier, however, I believe everything should be enjoyed in moderation so if you just LOVE your bacon, go for it…in a responsible, moderated way. You just won’t find much on here in the way of #baconmakeseverythingbetter

All recipes are written up or modified, tested, baked, and photographed in my kitchen for the best quality recipes. All photos are my own unless otherwise specified.

About Italy…Why Florence?                

I've loved Florence ever since I set foot here in 2014 while on vacation.  Italy is known for its food, stunning views, and passionate people, and I like all three of those things.  It felt like a place I would want to live.  (I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment.)  When the opportunity arose to come back and work with a dance and art ministry, I took it.  It was about a year on and off before the ministry ended and with no real reason to stay, I moved back home. But I wasn’t done with Italy, and decided to take the leap and make Florence my home in May of 2017, working towards getting documentation (permesso di soggiorno) to work.  It was here that I had met my husband, Moez, and we got married in February of 2018. We are both foreigners to Italy and have toiled hard to live and work here, and to enjoy the beauty of this country, for however long we may stay.   The villas, castles, buildings, old and crumbling, the cobblestone streets narrow and chaotic with questionable sidewalks, the majestic rolling hills of Tuscany covered in vineyards and dotted with castles and villas, the sea dancing and clapping its waves, these are things my eyes will never tire of and am humbled I get to experience them.  The Italians can be mischievous, but they are full of life and understand the importance of a leisurely stroll, a midday snack, a good glass of wine without overindulging, lingering over meals, and time with family.  I miss mine.  

Whether Italy for you is still an elusive dream or you come here on the regular, I hope you'll stick around and be inspired to finally plan that Europe trip or laugh with me as I'm constantly learning new things about this culture, the good and the bad!

About Jenny

I'm a professional ballerina and dance instructor turned baking and cooking enthusiast, grounded by faith in Jesus.  Or, Ballerina, Baker, Beloved. 


I started dancing at the age of 5,    receiving my training from The Dance Center and Dance Arts Academy.  During the summers I trained around the country with American Ballet Theatre in NYC, Joffrey Chicago, BalletMet Columbus, and Joffrey Midwest. Upon graduation from high school I moved to Jackson, MS, to dance with Ballet Magnificat.  Humble Jackson, where I went from student to professional, "you guys" to "y'all", and dependent child to independent adult.  That last one is still up for debate.  In 2013 I moved back to Michigan and taught and choreographed dance with Dance Arts Academy and Company Dance Traverse for 4 years before moving back to Italy.  





Baking is fun and delicious.  It's structured, yet leaves room for infinite creativity, and it brings people together.  Growing up my home was always full of delicious smells and chocolate chip cookies. My mom is an excellent cook and baker, and she let me help her in the kitchen from the time I can remember.  When I was older we took cake decorating classes together and started making desserts for friends and family and events.  I read cookbooks like novels, watch cooking shows like most people watch Netflix, and am in the kitchen creating whenever time (and taste testers) allows.


I am beloved by God.  A trophy of God's grace.  The best thing to ever happen to me, better than ballet, better than baking, was receiving God's free gift of salvation through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This great mystery of God becoming man, enduring the death we deserved, this overflow of love is what spurs me on to love Him and to love others.