Coming Soon to the Interwebs Near You: New and Improved

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I'm updating the blog!  Soon to feature not only recipes and baking tips and random rants, but ALSO all the Italian stories of adventures and struggles, insights, and tips and tricks of survival! Yay! 

Ever wonder what it's actually like to live in Italy?  What you should pack for your Italian vacation?  What delicacies you shouldn't miss while here?  What it feels like to almost ask for something inappropriate instead of a canvas at your local art shop?  All that and more coming your way! 

Because, somebody has to chronicle all the crazy things that happen here. 

Having now spent roughly 20 months of my life in Italy, (is that all? it feels like way longer) some as tourist, some as student/missionary, some as vagabond, and soon to be worker, I've had my fair share of experiences and have gleaned plenty more from people who have lived here for wayyyy longer than I have, Italians and not.  Although I am still learning, I think it's about time to start getting some things off my shoulder.  I do not in any way confess to be an expert on any of the above categories, but if these new Italian posts serve in any way to entertain, enlighten, or help you in a future Italian vacation/study abroad/living experience, then that is all I could hope for.  

Please note, everyone's experience here will be slightly different, especially depending on the region and time of year you are here.  In the posts to come, I will try to accumulate general information about Italy, nevertheless, some of it will be Tuscan-specific and may not completely mirror your experiences because that is the region where I live and learned the culture, which will differ at times than say, Calabria or Milan.  And it will always come from an American perspective!  That said, here's to dispelling some of the over-exaggerated information peddled by Rick Steves and other guide book authors! ;) 

See you next time, alla prossima! 

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